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At the end of 2021, 1 in 6 children were living in conflict. That's 450 million children.

 By the end of this year, following the war in Ukraine, this number is expected to rise.


 Do not forget the children living in conflict.


At the end of 2021, 1 in 6 children were living in conflict. Thats 450 million children. By the end of this year, following the war in Ukraine, this number is expected to rise.  


Now more than ever we live in an ever-expanding globalised world where the impacts of conflict are rarely isolated. This winter we are focusing on the interconnected nature of the 30-year conflict in Somalia and the recent invasion of Ukraine. This comparatively recent war in Ukraine and the subsequent blockade of grain is having a ripple effect on thousands of children living in conflict worldwide – particularly in areas such as Somalia.


Whilst we are safe in our homes this winter, do not forget the children living in conflict around the world. 

Just £33 could provide an emergency-affected learner in Somalia with school meals for a year whilst £80 could provide a child in Ukraine with a winter coat and study shoes to keep them warm this winter

We need your support

This winter, millions of children will not be spending Christmas in their own homes and it will be a long time before they truly feel safe again.

 Some have never known lives without violence and conflict.  




Somalia has been locked in an ongoing civil war since the 1990’s. In 1996 a UN peacekeeping mission was aborted and many INGO’s fled the country halting humanitarian aid. This has led to a protracted refugee crisis in the country, defined as when more than 25,000 refugees or more have been in exile for five consecutive years or more in one given country. In Somalia thousands have lived in refugee camps for over 30 years with many children having been born and raised in these camps.


The conflict is currently being compounded by the worst drought in the horn of Africa for 40 years impacting vulnerable populations who already face decimated livelihood and rising prices.

What we are doing

Four million children are out of school in Somalia due to the conflict and cycles of drought, famine, and floods. Street Child has set up temporary learning spaces in camps for internally displaced people, providing a space of learning and safety. We provide school feeding programs, clean water for drinking and washing and an incentive for teachers who do not receive a salary from the government.


Of the girls who have access to education, many are forced to drop out due to lack of access to sanitary products and insufficient WASH facilities. Street Child is supplying teenage girls with sanitary kits that last for up to a year to ensure they remain safe, in school and learning.



At the beginning of this year many Ukrainian children were living safe lives, going to school with a stable home to return to at the end of the day. However, on 22nd February 2022, after 8 years of conflict in the Donbas region, Russia invaded Ukraine. The war has resulted in 2 million children fleeing the country, 3 million being internally displaced and over 1,000 children having been killed or injured as a direct result of the war. This is an average of 5 children a day being killed or injured. 


What we are doing

Street Child launched our first ever rapid response in Europe 24 hours after the Russian invasion, launching a public appeal and reaching out to local partners. We are now working with 14 local partners in Ukraine to ensure children are safe, in school and learning. We have funded safe and clean community spaces and children’s hubs where children receive holistic mental health support to help deal with the trauma they have experienced, access educational resources, and participate in play-based activities. These spaces allow children to be children and help restore a sense of normalcy in their lives.



Find out more about Street Child’s Education in Emergencies programmes

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could provide an emergency – affected learner in Somalia with school meals for a year. School meals are a key aspect in the retention of students in school as the one meal they receive a day at school could sadly be the only meal they have all day.


could provide a child in Ukraine with a winter coat and sturdy winter shoes to keep them warm during the winter months.


could support an illiterate mother in rural Somalia in attending basic literacy and numeracy classes. A child whose mother is literate is 50% more likely to live past the age of 5.


could provide a month's supply of heating wood to a remote village school in Ukraine which could keep up to 30 children warm while at school.


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could supply a months' worth of vitamins to an internally displaced child in Ukraine to help boost their immune system during the cold winter months.


could provide a sanitary kit to a female student in Somalia whose education has been impacted by conflict and emergency.


could provide a child in Ukraine with a creativity kit to help distract them from the harsh realities of living in conflict. This kit includes things such as colouring pencils, markers, crayons and notebooks.


Or enter your own amount. Please give generously!

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