Street Child is working tirelessly across Afghanistan to deliver urgent humanitarian support, as well as ensure access to safe, quality education and protection services for more than 100,000 girls and boys. Our team and partners have a 25- year heritage in-country and Street Child's 1,600 local staff means we have substantial reach across multiple provinces with local access.

Throughout the worsening crisis and resulting political, social, and economic shocks, we’ve managed to continue our programming with little disruption as we’ve previously worked in regions under de facto Taliban control, as well as under their prior regime in the 1990s. Six months into this recent crisis, we are one of the leading child-focussed NGOs operating in the country and we’re as committed as ever—despite this being one of the most challenging years ever to implement.

Afghanistan is in the midst of an humanitarian crisis with urgent support needed to save lives this winter.



People have been displaced by the conflict in 2021 alone.


The percentage of people the UNDP estimate will be living below the poverty line in 2022.


Afghans are now on the brink of starvation with rising rates of malnutrition in children.

what we are doing

in the last six months alone

Street Child has :

  • Supported 51,000 children every single day to receive an education. Both boys and girls. We are urgently working to scale up our programmes to reach 100,000 girls and boys with education initiatives as soon as possible.

  • 15,000 children benefitted from child protection services in Baghlan and Bamyan.

  • Ensured 3,206 children who have suffered severe mental trauma had access to mental health support.

  • Sent over $1.2M from the UK to Afghanistan. We plan to double this over the next six months.

cash support

We are also preparing to supply cash to 2,130 food insecure families in Zabul.

Each family will receive enough cash to enable them to purchase food for an average household of 7 members for two months. Cash, opposed to in-kind food assistance, offers more flexibility to the recipients, and preserves their dignity through the normalcy of everyday activities, like food shopping.

This initiative will therefore enable families to avoid negative coping strategies, such as skipping meals or relying on child labour to increase household financial security, as having the means to purchase food reduces stress around where the next meals are to come from. This in turn enables caregivers to send their children to school, as immediate needs are being met.

education in emergencies

Through the design and delivery of successive community-centred education initiatives, Street Child has to date supported 56,638 children with direct enrolment to school or school access support. Over half of our current students are girls, and 1/3 of our teachers are female.

We work with Shuras, local consultative committees made up of community leaders and caregivers, to help ensure education centres are safe, secure and accessible to students. They are critical as local interlocuters to help influence the de facto authorities, and act as a support system in the event of an escalation. In Zabul, specifically, all 9,000 students registered are attending classes and in October 2021 the team opened the first learning centre in the area for 20 years. An incredible achievement.


In September 2021, we ramped up our support for 15,000 vulnerable children in Baghlan and Bamyan.

These provinces were prioritised due to the high proportion of populations recently displaced. Street Child increased awareness of the importance of education, advising against the adoption of adverse coping strategies (such as early and forced child marriage, or child labour), and established safe, secure and sufficient spaces for students to gather. We prioritised support to children at significant risks due to separation from caregivers, or children at severe risk of exposure to exploitation and violence with counselling and case management services, inclusive of family tracing and reunification where necessary. Wider support activities were incorporated into instruction, including structured play to promote socialisation and connectedness during this uncertain period.

winter assistance

In December, Street Child launched a winter appeal to enable us to adapt to the freezing winter conditions and provide necessary support.

Through our efforts, Street Child provides winter assistance through the distribution of heaters, firewood, and winter clothes across three hard-to-reach provinces, supporting 1,243 classes. Classes continue to run across 19 school districts, of which, 8 are some of the most challenging districts to access across the entire country. Across six provinces (Kabul, Parwan, Loga, Kapisa, Panjshir, and Wardak), we also provided winterization assistance and food items to 470 children in Juvenile Rehabilitation Centres and 165 women in treatment centres in Kabul.


We also integrate innovative tablet-based assessments into our education work so that we can better track the impact of our activities and tailor teaching as needed. On a monthly basis we track how fluent the children in our classes are in Dari and Pashto, which is a key indicator for learning levels among children.

Street Child and its partners are the only NGOs in the area collecting real-time data in this way.




The number of children reached through educational initiatives every single day.


Children benefit from child protection services in Baghlan and Bamyan provinces.


Teachers trained.

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