The affected population in North East Nigeria have been living in a protracted crisis for over a decade, resulting in widespread forced displacement and continued violations of human rights. 

Since Street Child started working in the region in 2016, the needs remain the same. First and foremost, we continue to deal with a protection crisis, with major barriers to security and access and serious attacks killing numerous civilians. As an organisation, it is our ambition to provide all children living in North East Nigeria with a safe environment within their homes and communities where they can be safe, in school and learning.



Children are currently out of school nationally.


Of primary school teachers are qualified to teach.


Years of continued conflict in Nigeria.

what we are doing

Our current programmes in North East Nigeria comprise of working in 10 Local Government Areas across Borno and Adamawa states.


Current partnerships with four local organisations aim to provide support for over 80,000 children through the provision of quality education in safe learning environments and access to building lifesaving and life-sustaining skills. 

In Adamawa state, we are targeting girl’s specific education, assisting them to transition between primary and secondary school. Literacy rates for girls stand at 50% in Adamawa and the ongoing conflict has increased and exacerbated violence and abuses directed towards them.  


Alongside this, psychosocial support activities are delivered to children to allow them to positively deal with stress and trauma of the situations they face and provide a sense of normalcy and routine to strengthen coping mechanisms.

Our COVID-19 response has seen the distribution of key prevention messaging and provision of hygiene supplies reaching over 225,000 people; including the support of street-connected Almajiri children, who represent some of the most stigmatised and marginalised children in Nigeria. 


Our holistic approach also targets wellbeing of the child outside the school environment and has seen parents and caregivers provided with sensitisation on positive parenting and provision of livelihood support to improve and stabilise household income, strengthen resilience and improve retention of children in school.  




Children reached through direct enrolment, protection services and school improvements.


Classrooms across 64 schools supported through renovations or construction.


Adults reached through family business scheme grants, livelihoods and mental health support.

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could provide an out of school child in Liberia with an education support package for one year. The package not only includes a school bag, but a clean uniform, exercise books and new pens to work with.


could support a teen mother in Sierra Leone with counselling to return to school as well as a support package to help them stay in school. This package includes food for the baby and sanitary products.


could provide a whole rural primary school in Sierra Leone with the gift of teaching materials and resources to support teacher’s to teach effectively, improving the learning experience in the classroom.


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could purchase a new book bag with stationery for a child who is newly enrolling at one of Street Child's schools in Liberia.


could contribute to the cost of a desk for two children in a classroom in a newly constructed school in Liberia.


could provide a grade 1 class with a set of story books which will allow them to read together as a group.


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