Blog|Ukraine|25 February 2022

Street Child stands with Ukraine

Tom Dannatt, CEO and Founder

a letter from our ceo and founder

Dear Street Child supporters, 


I never thought I would write to you to discuss a war in Europe.


Like everyone, my colleagues and I have watched the scenes from Kyiv and across Ukraine with shock and concern in equal measure. 


We feel compelled to do something. To react as humanitarians and to make our own urgent statement of solidarity with the children and families of Ukraine.


Street Child obviously has no presence or active partnerships in Ukraine. 


But we have close relations with several that do. Beyond that, one of Street Child’s core areas of global expertise is finding and building relationships with excellent passionate national organisations on the ground, in extreme situations.


So we are immediately, until further notice, restricting our Emergency Fund to Ukraine: to make a guaranteed difference for children in Ukraine, you can give through this link now:

If you already know and/or trust a charity active in Ukraine then you may well prefer to support them, please do! 


But if you don’t and want to make a difference for children you are seeing having their lives torn apart on the TV, please consider supporting Street Child’s Ukraine response fund - you have our word that every pound donated to our Emergency Fund will be spent as well as possible, as quickly as possible, with great organisations on the ground to help keep Ukrainian children as safe as possible


We will pass on 100% of what we receive to excellent organisations in Ukraine - i.e. we will retain 0% for any of our costs. Moreover, as ever, we will transparently and openly report what we have received in our emergency fund, who we have transferred it to, and what they achieved with it.

Lucinda & I will be donating to our fund this evening - because we know every pound will be channelled as well as possible to children who urgently need help in Ukraine.


Best wishes,


Tom, CEO and Founder of Street Child

On the 3rd March Street Child launched a separate Ukraine Crisis Appeal and are no longer restricting the Emergency Fund. You can access this Crisis Appeal via the link above.