Churches For Street Child

Welcome to our ‘Churches for Street Child’ page.

As one of the fastest growing charities in the world, Street Child works to ensure children are safe, in school and learning, especially in low resource environments and emergencies. We are passionate about inviting churches to engage with us to exercise their faith in response to the challenges our children are facing today, and to ‘Love our neighbours as we love ourselves’  - we are so glad you are here to find out more! Street Child is operational in more than 21 countries across Africa, Asia and more recently Ukraine. It has dramatically impacted the lives of almost 1 million children so far. We believe the church has a vital and unique role to play in this mission and we would love to invite you, however big or small, traditional or informal your congregation is, to engage with us.


There are three ways we are inviting churches to do this - PRAY, ACT AND GIVE.  


Listening and learning about the challenges of our brothers and sisters across the globe will inform your prayer life and deepen the missional heart of your church. Spurgeon famously said that 'prayer is the engine room of the church', and we want to add fuel to that engine. Please complete the form here for: resources for your church, group, or kids and youth ministries; our prayer newsletter; information about our ‘Proximity Prayer’ meetings where you are invited to listen and pray with representatives in challenging contexts.


As a beautifully unique group of people, your church has opportunities to champion the work of Street Child in a way that no other group can. What platforms can you utilise to tell people about Street Child? What space do you have to host an event? Who do you have in your networks who might like to help? There are a thousand ways that your church can act, but here are a few suggestions:  

  • Host a Street Child Sunday  

  • Request a visiting speaker  

  • Organise an event (or designate a pre-existing occasion) to raise funds and awareness  

  • Attend one of our Gala dinners or challenge events (see a full list here, including marathon places!)

  • Volunteer at one of our events or festival spaces  


We work hard to ensure that every pound donated to us is stretched as far as possible to directly impact the lives of the children who need it the most. All donations really do change lives. We would love you to consider Street Child as the recipient of your fundraising efforts, collection plates, tithing, or legacy giving.  


Contact us at to order church collection envelopes, collection buckets and other resources, or Give using the button below, using the reference ‘Churches for Street Child.’

Get in touch

Anna (Head of Church Engagement at Street Child) and Rev Dave Lloyd have been supporting Street Child since its inception in 2008. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience in engaging their church communities with the work of Street Child. They and the Street Child team would love to hear from you should you want any further resources or information. Email them here for an informal conversation: