ukraine crisis appeal

We will pass on 100% of your donations to local organisations and deploy funds almost immediately.

this is a crisis appeal

Please support Street Child's Ukraine Crisis Appeal

Street Child's Ukraine Crisis Appeal promise is that we will pass on 100% of your donations to local organisations and deploy funds almost immediately. We have identified several grassroots organisations who are on the frontline in Ukraine and have already commenced active support.

We are also stepping up efforts to engage with organisations serving refugees, in particular on the Romanian and Moldovan borders, where the gap between need and provision is likely to be greatest.

We need to act now to save lives.

how you can help


Could go towards supporting a local organisation in Ukraine providing hygiene essentials such as nappies and period products to families who have been displaced by the conflict.


Could go towards supporting a local organisation in Ukraine providing high nutrition food items to children and their families who have been affected by the conflict.


Could go towards providing basic supplies for a family who have fled their home.

why is street child supporting Ukraine?

This is Street Child’s first emergency response in Europe; we felt compelled to act to support the millions of displaced people in Ukraine. We are drawing on our extensive experience of ensuring children can remain safe even in conflict and crisis environments. We know from this experience that, often, in situations such as these, funding can end up being concentrated in the hands of international organisations, with local organisations at the frontline forced to operate with limited funds.

Street Child believes that local organisations know best, and have the most trusted relationships with the people they serve. They also know how and where to source essential items quickly and at lower cost, even when cash is scarce. Our aim is to ensure that local NGOs helping children in their communities have the resources they need to respond rapidly and effectively to changing circumstances.

Street Child is recognised for our agility in emergencies: donations through our Ukraine Crisis Appeal will swiftly be in the hands of our vetted local partners, making a real difference to the people who need it most. 

supporting frontline organisations

We are working with a range of NGO partners across Ukraine who are providing humanitarian relief to families who cannot flee and people displaced from other cities. We are also identifying local NGOs in neighbouring countries, who are leading an incredible effort to provide new arrivals with the basics to adapt to life in a new country, as well as psychosocial and mental health support to address the upheaval they have experienced in recent weeks.

Posmishka, Zaporizhzhia | Ukraine

Our first partner in Ukraine, Posmishka – meaning Smile in Ukrainian – is providing life-saving humanitarian support to families who have found themselves displaced from their homes, particularly in the east of Ukraine, and are seeking safety, even temporarily, in Zaporizhzhia Oblast.

Given their location, Posmishka’s team are working in highly dangerous circumstances, and are hopeful that there will be humanitarian corridors from the cities where they work to safer regions. In the meantime, with Street Child’s support, they are providing food, medicines and hygiene products to hundreds of people arriving in Zaporizhzhia from Mariupol and other towns in Donetsk region. They are planning to open mobile child friendly spaces in Ternopil (western Ukraine), where thousands displaced people are arriving, seeking peace and safety. 

Bright Kids, Kyiv | Ukraine

Led by a small and dedicated team in Kyiv, Bright Kids has long focused on supporting families with children with disabilities through economic empowerment, awareness-raising and to cover the cost of medical treatments.

Since the onset of the war, Bright Kids is providing cash transfers to the families who know and trust them, many of whom are unable to leave Kyiv because of their children’s mobility issues. With Street Child’s support, they will help 21 families buy groceries, nappies and high-nutrition food, a real lifeline at a time when Kyiv is under attack. 

AirLight, Truskavets | ukraine

AirLight was founded to support people injured by attacks as part of the armed conflict in the Donbas region, which has been ongoing since 2014, helping them to gain disability status, as well as to advocate for better provisions for those affected by the conflict.

As a result of the war, AirLight’s team have had to relocate from eastern Ukraine to Truskavets, in Lviv Oblast. A grant from Street Child is enabling AirLight to provide case support to children in families which have been displaced twice as a result of eight years of conflict. 

Ridni, Lviv | Ukraine

Ridni means “native” in Ukrainian, and as an NGO, Ridni aims to help highly vulnerable children feel at home within a familial environment through projects focused on art, education and health, and awareness raising. Since the war started, they have rapidly changed their operations to focus on meeting the needs of the thousands of children arriving in Lviv, either seeking refuge in the relative safety of the city, or on route to the Polish border. Many of these children are unaccompanied by parents or other relatives. They are also delivering humanitarian aid all over Ukraine, and where appropriate, supporting as many children – and their families – as possible to cross into Poland. 

Proliska, Uzhgorod | Ukraine

Proliska was originally set up in Kharkiv in 2014 in response to conflict in the Donbas region; however, in recent weeks, Proliska has been forced to relocate to Uzhgorod, in western Ukraine. This is a region which has welcomed large numbers of displaced people, many of whom are transiting through to Slovakia, as well as Hungary and Romania.

Thanks to Street Child’s support, Proliska will be supporting child friendly spaces in Zakarpattia, to provide respite for children who have witnessed the horrors of war in migrating across the country. Additionally, they are also providing psychosocial support in Kharkiv, and Bakhmut and Toretsk (Donetsk Oblast). Given that these latter regions are currently at high risk, where appropriate, the Proliska team may instead focus on evacuation of children with their caregivers to safer regions. 

Donetsk Youth Debate Centre | Ukraine

Before the war started, the Donetsk Youth Debate Centre primarily focused on youth empowerment, working closely with children and schoolteachers to build their confidence, and raise awareness of key issues such as gender-based violence.

Founded in Donetsk in 1997, the Centre was forced to move to Kyiv as a result of armed conflict in the Donbas region since 2014; in recent weeks, the team has relocated again to Lviv. Now they are focused on distributing food, hygiene kits, medicine and baby supplies, primarily in eastern Ukraine where both need and risk are incredibly high.  

  • Street Child are working with grassroots, frontline charities who are best placed to make decisions on where funding is most needed. These incredible organisations, such as Smile and Bright Kids, are doing critical work at the very heart of this conflict but would likely be overlooked by larger umbrella organisations. Street Child are also able to deploy funds very quickly, meaning your donation is in the hands of local organisations within days, not weeks.

  • The quickest way to support is by donating online. You can also support by promoting the work of Street Child. Please do follow our social channels (links are in the footer) and share our updates with your friends and family.

  • Whilst we appreciate all offers of support, we aren’t accepting physical donations such as food and clothing. Cash allows local organisations to source goods locally, directing assistance to where it is most needed and reduces pressure on transportation routes.

  • We have active support with Posmishka (Smile) UA, Bright Kids, AirLight, Ridni, Proliska and Donetsk Youth Debate Centre.

  • In the coming days, with your support, we will significantly scale our activity and intend to release grants to several more grassroots, front-line charities in Kyiv and across the country. We are also stepping up efforts to engage with organisations serving refugees, in particular on the Romanian and Moldovan borders, where the gap between need and provision is likely to be greatest.   

  • Yes, please do! We would encourage you to get creative with your fundraisers- you could encourage everyone in the office or at school to dress up in yellow and blue, set up a cake sale or run the equivalent distance to Kyiv with a group of friends. Please do contact for more information.

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